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     The finish on the outside of the case of a piano improves its appearance but has little effect on the sound of the instrument.  Because a piano contains many expensive and delicate parts that can be destroyed by an inexperienced refinisher you should only use someone with many years of experienced in working with pianos and under the guidance of a good technician.  Johnny Cisneros in El Monte seems to be well experienced with pianos and can be reached at (626) 573-9880.  Classic Woods of North Hollywood is a very experienced refinishing shop specializing in pianos. and can be reached at (818) 901-1521.

Square grand pianos, English uprights, Viennese grands, piano-fortes and harpsichords should only be serviced by a piano technician that has extensive experience with these styles of pianos and can respect their historical and musical value.  Refinishing should be carefully considered to respect the historical value of the instrument.



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